Logitech Wireless Desktop MK320 Review

Looking at reviews of the Logitech wireless desktop mk320, one can tell that people really enjoy it. It is easy to install, comfortable, accurate and has a nice design.

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The setup of this wireless desktop is very fast and easy. You just need to plug in the receiver and the computer recognizes the Logitech wireless desktop. Next time you plug in the receiver you can start using the desktop instantly.

Some keyboards have a small range. Therefore you canít really get too far from your computer. The Logitech wireless desktop mk320 with keyboard and mouse has a long range (30 ft.), so you can do whatever you want.

Logitech Wireless Desktop MK320 Benefits

This wireless desktop is very comfortable. It's very good if you use your computer very often, but you will feel the difference even if you don't.

The Logitech wireless keyboard is a full size keyboard, and has useful hot keys. You might not use all of them, but it's good to have them there anyway.

The keyboard also is spill resistant, so if you like drinking coffee / tea / etc. by the computer, this can really save your keyboard. This is also very good if you have little children using the computer.

The Logitech wireless mouse has a very accurate cursor. It also has a scroll button. This button saves a lot of time reading long documents, since you don't need to move the mouse every time you want to scroll down.

The wireless desktop has a long battery range. The keyboard has 15 month battery life, and the mouse has 5 month battery life. This saves you time and money.

The Logitech wireless desktop mk320 works only with all windows (xp/vista/7). But, this desktop doesn't work with Mac. So if you have a mac, you should consider a norther desktop.

By buying the Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo you save time and money. The mouse doesn't come separately and the keyboards price is 75% of the combo.

The mouse size is a bit small, so if that bothers you, you should look for a norther mouse.

The average rating of the Logitech wireless desktop mk320 is 4.5 out of 5.