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Types of Wireless Keyboards

I've ranted a bit previously about the benefits of wireless Bluetooth keyboards and why, if you have not already gotten one, you should do so. And as mentioned, I use laptops exclusively and never a desktop, and even I love the flexibility a Bluetooth keyboard provides!

What about the ergonomic aspects of the keyboard however?

Its a well known fact of life that if you are a regular keyboard user then you could be, at some stage in life, in for a doze of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), which is a "medical condition in which the median nerve is compressed at the wrist, leading to paresthesia, numbness and muscle weakness in the hand". The quote is from Wikipedia.

What this means is that if you tend to type for long periods with little to no rest, you are potentially liable to become a sufferer of CTS. And if you have never had this, then you don't want to have it either! Damage can be and often is permanent, even when surgery is undertaken.

Those Bluetooth keyboards with the lovely looking ergonomic design are not just for show. As beautiful as they look (in my opinion anyhow - does that make me a bit sad?), the idea here is to allow a keyboard to be used for long periods with little or no discomfort whatsoever, thus tremendously reducing any possibility of being inflicted with CTS.

Keyboards with ergonomic designs are merely changing the layout of a traditional QWERTY keyboard by rearranging the key layout which then suits the natural angle of the wrists when typing. This has the knock-on effect of reducing any strain on the arms, on the shoulders and on the neck area.

So other than the basic ergonomic ability of your new wireless Bluetooth keyboard, what else might you consider important to improve your over-all computer experience?


Hot-keys may be something important to you and if so, look for a keyboard with them installed as extra. If you are not sure what a hot-key is - its a button on the keyboard that has the ability to run a certain program just by tapping that button one time. Examples of this may be your email program, or perhaps Internet Explorer, or something else you use regularly. A hot-key simply makes it fast, makes it speedy to get to where you want to go.

Why Bluetooth technology?

This part of the article may arguably be better elsewhere but its relevant here too. Why Bluetooth and not simply go for infra-red capability? Bluetooth is now a universal standard for today's computers, and its very easy to connect up various devices together, as we know. Infra-red however, runs on radio signals and the main problem there is that infra-red is old and somewhat outdated and its also very limited in range capacity.

The physical size

Those who require something smaller due to a cluttered desk or a smaller working area should obviously consider a smaller sized keyboard. Keyboards can actually take up a fair bit of space and add in the mouse and you do need a fair bit of room to play with.

There we have a few things you should be thinking about when purchasing a wireless Bluetooth keyboard with ergonomic layout. There are other things to consider that may be important to you. Take your time, ask around, get other people's thoughts and experience and you will arm yourself with enough information to make the best buying decision.

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