Wireless keyboard Article

Bluetooth and Infrared Communication

No matter if it is used for work, for study or for home users, there is no doubt that wireless keyboard and mouse can give you more freedom, but before purchasing one set, you should know something about it. Presently there are three types of wireless technology applied to the keyboard and mouse: the infrared (IR), the Radio Frequency (RF) and the Bluetooth. Generally the transmission distance of the infrared keyboard and mouse is only two meters, but with a cheap price it applies to the entry-level home users who require the wireless control within two meters.

The Bluetooth product can transmit signals within about ten meters and it is suitable for doing office work, for example, you are able to control the projector to play files at any position within 10 meters range when you show the multi-media lantern slide to your customers, but it is a little bit expensive. As to the RF devices, they have the similar functions as the wired USB mouse, with a high price quality we recommend them to a majority of users.

Currently wireless keyboard and mouse in the market have rechargeable batteries and disposable batteries. If you would like to play games for a long period of time, you'd better buy the products with rechargeable batteries so as to supply power to your keyboard and mouse constantly. But you should know that the speed of a wireless mouse is pale in comparison to that of a wired mouse in the same class, the wireless mouse plays well when surfing on the net or controlling the computer to play movies and so on, but it is hardly satisfying when playing games, so you should pay attention to the scope of its application.

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